Sunday, September 25, 2016

Pamphlets : Volcanoes!

Hi everyone, it's me again!

It's been reeaaaaally a while, eh. I haven't done much blogging these days. I'm now an eleventh grader (or 2nd grader in senior high) at SMAN 3 Bandung, Indonesia, and I'm now having this more-homework-to-be-done-than-last-year problems, so I'm really sorry. ; w ;

As you can see, most of my previous posts here were made to fulfill my English task. But since my English teacher is different now, I need to post here no longer. However, isn't it kind of a waste to let this blog, like, abandoned? So, I decided to fill this blog with miscellaneous things: tasks or school projects I think worth being posted, drawings or stories I made or I've seen/read, and maybe some trash-talk about my life (lol I'm so sorry)

Oh, my English teacher now seems not the kind of person that is into blogging a lot. However, he usually gives us tasks or projects to be done at home-- lots of 'em, but kind of simple (still, that kind of learning method is no my cup of tea). Last week, I needed to make three kinds of printed adverts: a brochure, a pamphlet, and a leaflet. Here is a pamphlet I made.


This is the first pamphlet I made, so... yeah, it's not good. Q w Q)
I made a pamphlet about volcanoes. I live in Indonesia, which has LOTS of volcanoes. I don't live near one, but since there are lots of ones around, I think I should know at least the do-and-don't(s) during eruption. 

And lately, I just found out the difference between a pamphlet and a leaflet. A pamphlet is printed in both sides, as seen above. It gives it more space to give more detailed information than a brochure. 

As for my brochure and leaflet... I think I'll show it in the next post(s) (if I have the courage to post 'em XD)


Wednesday, April 27, 2016

Favorite Songs

Hello! ~
It's been a long time since the last time I posted here. Even now, I can only post from my mobile phone, so I can't post freely.
Either way, what I want to post here now is about two of my favorite songs.

The first song is titled 'Shine Your Way', sung by Owl City and Yuna.
If you had watched 'The Croods' movie, you would've known this song. Both song and the movie are fantastic! You should watch it.

Why do I think this song means?

This song reminds us to keep moving forward whenever we are sad, down, or whenever we don't feel well. It tells us to start our everyday-life with positive thoughts.

What do I feel about the song?

When I listen to the song, I feel motivated to live my life. Indeed, it feels like we sometimes do things wrong. But we need to keep walking. Time won't wait, will it?

Here is the lyrics.

"Shine Your Way"

Just before the dawn,
When the light's still gone,
Shine, shine your way,
And you may not know, where to go,
Shine, shine your way

Open road but it's still dark,
Build a fire from a spark,
And shine, shine your way,
Feed the feeling in your heart,
Don't conceal it then you'll start,
To find, find your way

No one can stop, what has begun,
You must believe when I say

All of your tears will dry faster in the sun,
Starting today,
Shine, shine, shine,
Shine your way

There's an open sky,
And a reason why,
You shine, shine your way,
There's so much to learn,
And now it's your turn,
To shine, shine your way

There's a feeling deep inside,
You can let it be your guide,
To find, find your way,
And there's no time for us to waste,
Got to take a leap of faith,
And fly, fly away

Don't have to walk,
Now you can run,
Nothing can get in your way

All of your tears will dry faster in the sun,
Starting today,
Shine, shine, shine,
Shine your way

Morning is breaking,
Darkness is fading,
We found a way to the light,
It's such a beautiful sight

Any time, anywhere,
Turn around and I'll be there,
To shine, shine your way

Like a star burning bright,
Lighting up the darkest night,
I'll shine, shine your way

Now I can see,
You are the one,
Sent here to show me the way

All of our tears will dry faster in the sun,
Starting today,
Shine, shine, shine,
We're on our way,
Shine, shine, shine,
That's what we say,
Shine, shine, shine,
Shine your way

There's a reason why
You shine, shine your way

All of our tears will dry faster in the sun
Shine your way

You can see more here.

The second song is titled おおかみは赤ずきんい恋をした.
It is, as its title, a song in Japanese. The title means The Wolf Fell in Love with The Little Red Riding Hood. It was produced by Hitoshizuku-P and Yama.

What does the song tell?

Have you heard or watch the tale of the Little Red Riding Hood? There are many versions of it. This song tells another story about the Wolf and the Little Red Hood. In this song, the Little Red Hood and the Wolf fell for each other. However, the story could not be changed. They had to accept that their end wouldn't be happy, and their love was forbidden.

You can see the lyrics here.

Wednesday, March 9, 2016

Another Blog, eh!!

This is a so not-important thing but why not?

I write in another site just recently. It's not that great, but if you want to read some stories or texts in Indonesian, why don't you check this out?

I'm one of the three admins there. If you have spare time to read articles there, I'll be pleasured. :3

Thank you for visiting!

Better Education for Better Life

Thursday, January 14, 2016

My Last Holiday

It's me again, everyone! Do you miss me? *chuckles*
Oh, I just had my holiday! Do you want to hear it? Here's my story!

Wednesday, December 16, 2015

My School Life

Everyone sure have their own activities during their school days. I'm sure that you all have, too. The same goes for me. Well, this story of my daily school life might not be an extraordinary thing for you. But I love my school life and enjoy it very, very much.

Wednesday, November 18, 2015

Do You Dare to Try Our Crossword Puzzle?

Long time no blogging!

I'd been craving to write something more here, but my laptop didn't work somehow. It was deeply frustrating, really. But now, I can finally lay my hands on my (or my mother's, to be exact) computer.

Since I've been only writing and telling you guys my life through this blog, I think it's not wrong to try out something else together, is it?

I bet you guys know crossword puzzles, so here I'm gonna give you one made by me and Sadida.

 Click the read more to see the questions. Have fun!